Nat Gonzalez

I’m Nat


Production Manager & Prod. Coordinator for commercials.

I am Head of Production and Prod. Coordinator for commercials in Spain. Mainly I work for service companies but also for nationals. Also can develop my work on tv series and films.

My profession in the sector is the result of an expansive academic training and a long experience through the ten years I’ve been working on. I have developed several positions in different audiovisual departments, which gives me a global vision, reaching the conclusion that the production department is the engine of the audiovisual piece.

I develop my work throughout the Spanish territory, but I am open to other destinations. Happy to work from the budget phase to the delivery of the project and participate in the creation of innovative audiovisual content.


Find a way to match the budget with the needs of the job in a creative way 😉


Schedulling all the needs, and be prepared for anything that may arise 🙂


Obtain the best results in a safe, professional and pleasant work environment 😀


Learning is always wise, and sharing is about being a good partner and creating a wonderful work team 😛


Whatever I say about me, you’ll have to discover by yourself.

I am a dynamic, hard-working person, who pushes the project in pre-production to obtain the best results in the audiovisual piece and the best environment in the filming set. I adapt to any scenario trying to get the most out of it.




ProductionManager & Production Coordinator


Good co-worker and creative when it comes to solving issues. I am sincere, open-minded and always available to find solutions that fit.

I consider myself a serious person when working to be efficient in all fields that are required, and fun when the situation allows it. I am open to share my knowledge to try that the team improves and the project reaches success.

I also like to improve and learn in each job I do, so being able to expand knowledge and experiences is the best way to do it. I like things well done and seeing the positive side of hard work. I am not scared of challenges as long as they are reasonable.

Good analyst and with the ability to make constructive criticisms about other people and about myself. Very responsible and in love with my work.


Work is play. So let’s play well!

Dynamic, responsible, responsive and efficient person. The professional experience that I have developed has always been linked to the audiovisual sector as well as I’ve been continuing academic training. This means that, while my experience increases, it is reinforced by the studies completed and the degrees obtained. Following some of my latest experiences at work:

  • 2017

    2016 - 2017 Production Coordinator for commercial service at Garage Films

  • 2018

    2017 - 2018 Production manager for commercial at Norte Studio

  • 2019

    2018 - 2019 Production manager for short film and commercials at Fake Studio

  • 2022

    2019 - 2022 Production Coordinator for service commercials & Production Manger for national commercials



I love living in Barcelona, but I really enjoy travelling, so I can go whatever the work is.

FULL NAME: Natalia González Casado
BIRTHDAY: 07. 01. 1982.
ADDRESS: Barcelona, Spain

PHONE: (+34) 617 279 609
EMAIL: nataliagonzalezcasado@gmail.com
WEBSITE: www.gingerambition.com